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Thread: Suppressed Grendel's

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    Quote Originally Posted by LRRPF52 View Post
    I don't recommend using a 6.5mm can on a gas gun, as while they are efficient at the muzzle, they push a lot of supersonic gas out of the vents in the bolt carrier.

    Stick with a .30 cal can for 6.5mm gas guns is a good guideline to follow.
    I would have to agree .. 30 cal cans on the 6.5 Grendel work great
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    I have a Surefire SOCOM 762 Mini and a SOCOM 6.8 RC. I have run them both on my 18" JP and the 20" AA. They both work great and I can't really tell a sound difference between them(full disclosure, I have some hearing loss in my right ear); the 762 Mini MAY be a tiny bit louder but that is all subjective. What I did notice is that the 762 Mini has less back pressure due to the larger bore.
    I run a SOCOM 762-RC on my 20" .260 and runs nice. I am going to order a couple of the Thunderbeast Ti cans. Had a chance to shoot them and they are NICE! I really want to try the 6.5 Ultra 7 on my Grendels.

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