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Thread: 7.62 bdc scope for grendel?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hardtoseeovergut View Post
    What about a Leupold with CDS?
    I was also going to suggest this. For my wife, I find a vx-2, vx-3i or vx-r with a CDS dialed in for about 500 yards is hard to beat for ease of use. Just dial required distance and shoot.. my wife has never used hers out beyond 400 yards but at that distance it's dead on...

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    You might try these. BDC for any scope you'd like.
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    I don't know what ranges you want to be playing with, but I just dropped a 2-7x Burris Fullfield II on my rifle.
    Cross referencing drop per Nikon Spot-ON web site for a MV of 2500 against a 123 gr SST/Amax and sighting for 200 yards (and looking at the FFII manual's rating for bullet drop), the first hash matches 250 yards and the second hash matches 350.

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    BDCs are not as useful for me since I travel to so many different elevations, and see major temp shifts even within a week.

    For me, 500yds is almost pointless to shoot at unless there are tiny targets that are challenging to hit in the wind. Even my 12" poppers at 700yds are boring to repeatedly connect on, and I find myself wanting more range.

    It is challenging to hit sils at 1100yds or more with my 16" and 18" Grendels in shifting winds with 123gr AMAX. In steady or no wind, not so much.

    I use Vortex Viper PSTs. The new Gen II PST is what I recommend, with the HD glass. If you live in an area where temps are more mild, and are close to or at sea level, a BDC might make sense, but you need to know your temp change up or down clicks from the yardage indicators on the BDC, like we had to do with the M3A back in the day.

    If you do your homework with a ballistics program and see how much temp affects your trajectory, you can start to see a pattern in practical values in how much environmentals will change your POI. You'll start to see that at 300yds, not much changes. As you go farther out, the increments in POI will become more pronounced.
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    Quote Originally Posted by biodsl View Post
    You might try these. BDC for any scope you'd like.
    I've used them. They were accurate to 600, as far as I shot. Important to use the right dope and put the on label correctly.

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