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    No bolt

    I assume all paid bolts have shipped?
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    Mar 2017
    I just got mine. It looks good. Thanks, BFT.

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    I got my bolt yesterday. Thanks

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    I met up with BFT for dinner tonight- bought the 2, I asked for. Quality is awesome.... Get 1-2 while this deal is going on.

    Plus we had a chance to discuss decal making details of the Grrr monster.,, As per my pal with the $100k decal making equipment..... this should light up in a few months.

    We'll plan another dinner to finalize the details. I think suppressor units should be next for a group buy . Also scope -1 piece mounts,. We're brats here....

    It's all about the Horde. We are here for us all, until death do us part. I have not unleashed the rest of my pocket notes yet... Johnny always gets Big eyes when the crayon meets the paper on my end-hee!

    As the comedian Steve Smith-aka --Red Green always said,, Remember- I'm pullin for ya. , We're all IN THIS TOGETHER!

    Enjoy the bolts Guys!!!!
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    One bolt and payment sent via paypal

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    Got my bolts today. They look great. I especially appreciate the markings so there is no mistaking caliber and bolt face depth. Thanks BFT!

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    The wife says my bolt arrived

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    Got mine last night. Wife said I got a metal doohickey in the mail.

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    19 left. Best deal in America on a standard 6.5 Grendel bolt! Actually, I doubt anyone in Europe is selling Grendel bolts. Heck, unless parallel universes exist, I think we can safely say this is the best deal in the GALAXY!
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