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Thread: Gnat/Fly Swatter Challenge

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    Gnat/Fly Swatter Challenge

    Saw this on the 6.5 Creedmoor Forum. Looks like an interesting challenge for Grendeliers too:;topicseen

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    I like it, going to see about one at our club. We only have 200 yrs but if we make up a target with an 1/8 MOA gnat we should be good. This would be a fun way to pay for the proposed gong at 200.

    Thanks for sharing a great idea.

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    I've gotta head the opposite direction that Friday or I would go do it just for the fun!! Only 3-1/2 hours away for me. Too bad

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    lol reminds me when I was a kid. My stepbrother and I were shooting our bb guns in the back yard. When we see a mud wasp flying around our target area. He takes just a few shots and hits it in mid air about 20-25 ft. great memory's.
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