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Thread: Ruger Customer Service

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    Ruger Customer Service

    Not specific to the Grendel but gun related.
    Excellent customer service. I pick-up an older Ruger Super Blackhawk that I know hasn't been shot much, got it from a close personal friend. Anyway it shoots high even after I lowered the rear sight all the way down. Checked on-line and about eight years ago there were complaints about Blackhawks shooting high.

    I call Ruger's customer service and a person actually answered the phone, a real human being. And not only did he answer the phone he helped me. He didn't connect me with someone who can help, he did it.

    After a short conversation about my problem and giving him the Ser#, he looked up the sight that came with it, said he'll be sending me out a new higher front blade. Received the sight yesterday, installed it and I'm good to go. I called Ruger less than a week ago.

    You ever call AT&T or most any corporation nowadays? You get sent into a black hole of automated menu choices. Kudos to Ruger for not only have a person answering the phone but also someone who knows what's needed to fix a problem and did it.

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    Great post!
    It's worse when you can't understand what they are saying...

    I always ask to speak to someone in the US and then I get some satisfaction!

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    As a long time FFL and dealer I can honestly say rugers customer service is secod to none. I've yet to have a negative issue with them. Always polite, timely and helpful.

    Suprising enough, Remington has also always been one of my most helpful manufacturer. In my personal experience, they also have always gone above and beyond to assist.

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    Same here always have had good customer service when dealing with Ruger.

    Now Remington you couldn't pay me enough to do buisness with them again after the disaster I had with my CT 105 shotgun when it first came out.

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    Remington could neither build or fix a properly operating Marlin 336C for me but they were good to deal with. Paid me back for all the freight and inital purchase of the rifle when I decided enough was enough with after they tried and failed to fix it (and made it worse) No fighting or issues, I called them after I got the rebarrelled rifle back and told them the sights were crooked and it still wouldn't feed a snap cap. "do you want a new rifle or a check?"

    I do like Rugers CS better... mainly because I have never needed it. My American 30-06 has been a sweetheart of a rifle. For some reason they sent me two of the cheekpad pouch things for registering it too

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    Seconded on great customer service with Ruger.

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