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Thread: New to 6.5, looking for mags

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    New to 6.5, looking for mags

    I'm doing a bunch of looking around. I'm about to build a sbr as well as a 20" build. What is the go to magazine for this round?

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    I use the asc mags and have had no problems with them, the elander's have good reviews as well.

    Started out with Cproducts and had no problems with those mags as well.

    Check Sneaky's post if you want a five round pmag, he found a way to make them work with five rounds.

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    I really like the 17 round E-Landers, great for shooting off the bench, 100% reliable. The E-Lander 10's and 24's have been GTG but the 17 rounders hit the sweet spot or just right for me, YMMV. I have ASC and C Products mags but they don't have the quality feel of E-Landers. Just my opinion, any new mags I buy will be E-Landers.

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    Just bought a couple of 17 round E-landers from AA. Figured I'd go ahead and get a 10 round ASC from joebobs while I was placing an order there anyway. thanks

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    E-Landers are top quality. The best metal magazines I have seen in any caliber. No real flex when squeezed from the sides, and very smooth when the follower is depressed. Other Grendel mags feel gritty to me.

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    I want to know why the New C Products 20 and 28 round mags use the AK 7.62 x 39 extreme curve profile. Anybody try them or have some insight?

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    I purchased a 5 and a 10 round C-prodcuts mags for my first build. Haven't had any issues with either. I'll give the e-landers a try though someday.. love to see how the 4 rounder functions.

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    As others said the Elanders are well made I have several I've used a lot.

    I also just got some new production ASC 25 rounders that work great.

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