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Thread: New Player for Grendel Bolt Action Rifles

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    Show me a 6-7lb 6.5mm bolt gun that doesn't move off of sight picture much at all with a sporter profile barrel and no muzzle brake, because that's what these little Micro Action Grendels do.

    I would like a little action like a Rem 700 size that allows 2.500" COL so I can place the boat tail-to-shank junction at the shoulder-neck location with 130s and mag-feed.

    That said, it works just fine right now with 123gr AMAX. No real recoil to speak of, will make an excellent training rifle for the kids' first centerfire.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Capt. Morgan View Post
    Not yet.

    Mark Hostetter sent out a customer email on July 17th updating the status of the business and delivery times. Looks like sometime this month (August) on the rifles with Remington based actions.

    By happy coincidence, the BATF paperwork on my Thunder Beast 6.5 Ultra 7 should be done about the same time ...
    BATF only took 3 months.......?
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    Quote Originally Posted by StoneHendge View Post
    BATF only took 3 months.......?
    No. Submitted the paperwork on the TBAC in early January, expecting it "any day now".

    In January, I was still waiting for the CZ vs. Howa thing to play out. Stayed on the sidelines then heard PF was in the game. Love my PF Grendel, so ordered the bolt gun with them in April. Or May. Can't quite remember at this moment. Distant past.

    Always wanted a can, and always wanted a bolt action Grendel. Plan to share the can between the AR and bolt gun. Just a happy coincidence the can and bolt gun will arrive at the same time. Sorta maybe.

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    Capt. M would you please post pictures and range report on your PF bolt gun and can. I really enjoy see members unique firearms!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jkingrph View Post
    That's why I am awaiting a CZ American in 6.5 Grendel, plus I like the warmth of blued steel and walnut..
    I'm with you on steel and walnut. CZ understands that there are hundreds of thousands of us that still like old school. I'm going to try to order a CZ in 6.5 but I know they are scarce as hen's teeth.

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