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Thread: Extractor worn???

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    Extractor worn???

    What going on when the extractor is all chewed up and wiil not extract the fired casing. I shot around 100 Wolf steel cased and need a new extractor. I have the spring with the piece of Oring inside the spring. It is a PF Super Match Bolt & Carrier with Nickel Boron Coating, Firing Pin, NiB Cam, Firing Pin Retainer.

    Thanks for the help!

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    I suppose with the O-ring on the extractor spring and with the additional pressure it provides it may be more than you need and may cause premature wear. The addition of the O-ring does make it harder for the bolt to snap onto the rim and I would suppose that could cause excessive wear. The O-ring which seems to universally come with bcg's these days is really band-aid to solve other function problems. Personally I remove them and see if the gun runs as it should and if it does run I drop the O-ring into a parts box.
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    I would contact Mark @ PF about your problem. You could have timing problems and the bolt is opening before the case has a chance to pull back from the chamber walls.

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