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Thread: Muzzle Brake & POI

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    Muzzle Brake & POI

    Just added a muzzle brake(PF LMD), will this change my POI (point of impact)? Anybody see a change?
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    Nothing too big- maybe a 1 click on the dial for windage--- usually none. If the bore isn't concentric -inside the brake- as to alignment to center of the bbl--- that's when an issue can show up.

    You have a fully functional workshop there to machine - grind, drill, as needed to fix a many issues. When in doubt, ream the inside of brake to a .308 size. Dude!

    I never noticed an impact shift from my 3 brakes- all diff calibers.
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    I usually get a very slight POI shift... anything that changes the harmonics of your barrel will typicaly result in a slight shift.. sometimes you get lucky and it's not noticable.

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