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Thread: Accuracy Report

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    Accuracy Report

    Just had a customer report shooting 1.625 inch groups at 600 yards with one of our Custom 6.5 Grendel Uppers with a PF Chambered and Target Crowned Krieger Blank Barrel. Now that's Accurate!!
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    That is impressive. I'm happy to do that with my 260AI !!

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    I guess i will never know since the order i placed on May 14th to Judy Hostetter was ignored.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigs28 View Post
    I guess i will never know since the order i placed on May 14th to Judy Hostetter was ignored.
    Is this your first follow up with them?

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    I'm with Bigs28.

    If you want one of the best out there, be prepared for the loooooonnnggggg wait. Like NFA tax stamp long.

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    Several days ago, Mark @ PF sent out an email which explained the last several months issues. (All of his current customers should have received it.) The long and short of it is that a confluence of events befell him, which absorbed a great deal of his time and caused production backup. (Loss of his lead CNC programmer/operator, life issues, etc.) He's now re-focused, re-organized and revitalized, and says response times should markedly improve.

    Anyone who's received their products knows they are top notch. Yes, wait times have stretched, recently. No, I would not give up on them. And yes, I am a satisfied customer.
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    2-6 months wait for any quality custom gunsmith is perfectly normal.

    I sent a 6.5 Hart Select blank to PF and it was converted to a 6.5 Grendel AR barrel. Absolutely perfect machining.

    I waited 5 months to get my R700 back from a top tier gunsmith in Red Lion Penn for a rebarrel and action/bolt trueing. Worth every cent and every second.

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