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Thread: 16" factory ammo velocities confirmed on film

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    Wow, your's is shooting a lot faster! Very nice. I didn't mean to get your thread sidetracked; I clearly have an outlier or chrono issues. Carry-on!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 458MinMag View Post
    Wow, your's is shooting a lot faster! Very nice. I didn't mean to get your thread sidetracked; I clearly have an outlier or chrono issues. Carry-on!
    Truth be told, it's how it shoots that really matters. This 16" velocity hoorah is the result of a pissing contest between me and a 6.8 advocate.

    Guys have been shooting and hunting with guns and cartridges they love for decades not ever shooting over a chrono or caring about velocity. If it puts the the bullet where you are pointing is first and foremost.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kilco View Post
    31.2gr CFE223 over a 123 out of a 16" gave you 2349?!

    That exact same load from my 16" with a 123 eld-m at 2.255 in hornady brass with a CCI 450 gives me just under 2500.. my notes confirm my average was 2489.. what make and twist barrel is it?
    As another point of reference, I get 2430 to 2450 fps out of my 16" with 31.2 gr CFE223 and 123 SST.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 458MinMag View Post
    It was 75 or 80deg that day, so it must be lot-to-lot variation in the ammo, or the individual barrel as you mentioned. I'm not at all worried about it. I've got some Honrandy Black and 123 SSTs that I'll check in the future just to see where they fall. I also shot some handloads with 123 Amax and CFE223 ... 31.2gr gave an average of 2349fps over my Magnetospeed.
    458 what barrel do you have? Also is it a saami spec barrel? I have looked at a lot of chronograph results on the web and I have noticed that a lot of the non saami chambers seem to be slower, not all but many. My thinking, and it may be way off base, is that the non saami chambers aren't building as much pressure.

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    When you have a longer throat, it won't convert the powder as fast, so that initial peak takes longer to rise, but you can chase the throat with COL of course limited to what your mag will allow.

    When I load a 123gr AMAX to 2.275" in that same 16" AA barrel with SAAMI chamber on 31.2gr of CFE at 60˚ F, I got 2500fps.

    In my Lilja 17.6" barrel with SAAMI chamber, I got 2465fps at 31.7gr of CFE loaded to 2.260" COL with the same 123gr AMAX at 64˚ F.

    At the end of the day, I don't care to much, just load up my 31.2gr CFE load under 123gr AMAX double-weighing charges, and head to the range or field with steel targets in mind. I have zero desire to jack around at 100yds with a known load that shoots into the head of an IPSC at 500yds easily, and smokes my 12" poppers at 700yds so that after a few rounds, I'm looking for more range. 1100yds is more of a challenge with 123gr AMAX for me.
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    I'm happy to take this up, actually...just gotta find some Hornady 120 gr SST for each first...though the Grendel does seem to have a LOT more options in this bullet weight. I was planning on doing some load testing a development in each caliber anyhow. Frankly, I don't expect a lot of difference...

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