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Thread: First 65 build

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    First 65 build

    Let's start off by saying Hey from East Tennessee. I'm new to the grendel scene and I'm just getting started. I look forward to some great discussions.

    I'm starting on my first Grendel by building. It will be my second build. I already have a BHW 264LBC 20" barrel (standard contour, 1:9). My next steps are looking at uppers and bolts, with the bolt being my main concern.
    I'm looking for advice on a bolt and carrier to match the barrel. With it having to be a 7.62x39 bolt, I'm worried about reliability and accuracy. Any suggestions on uppers would be great as well. I have a Spikes lower that I put together for my 5.56 build that I planned to use.
    For those long range shots, suggestions on muzzle devices would be great.
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    Welcome to the horde!!

    I'm my limited number of builds, I've found that the BCM uppers are extremely tight, and lapping shows very little polished surfaces. I'll be using them for now on with all of my frankenbuilds.

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    First, welcome to the Clan!
    As you research and learn the various parts attributes, I always recommend ( and use ) forged uppers. They are significantly stronger than billet ( did you ever hear of a billet barrel ?). The only downsides are that they aren't as pretty ( no funny angles or figurines machined into 'em ) and they require the front face ( where the barrel slides into the upper ) to be trued ( lapped ). This is a simple process, takes only a couple of minutes with the appropriate tool.
    Muzzle devices become a matter of taste, do you need suppressor compatability or will you be using at a public range where the shock wave out the sides is extremely annoying to the shooters on either side of you?
    In the mean time, it appears that you are learning that you must keep your Grendels separated as they tend to breed and multiply when left in quiet, dark places.
    Don't be particularly concerned about the 7.62 sized bolt as long as that is what your barrel is chambered for. Many of us have similar and they have high round counts thru 'em and keep on tickin'.

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