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Thread: Ballistics Educational from Applied Ballistics

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    Ballistics Educational from Applied Ballistics

    If you really want to geek out on ballistics here are some articles from Applied Ballistics

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    Thanks. I will look these over.

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    A lot of great info there.

    Litz has elevated the long range shooting discipline dating back many years now.

    A lot of us were lured into holding on to .308 shooting 155gr Scenars about 10 years ago, uncle Litz did his BC analysis on them and the 175gr SMK, among others. Lapua had a really high BC published for the 155gr Scenar, but it didn't match up at distance, so it had to be adjusted way down into the .4s.

    I went to .260 Rem after that because you could see how much difference there was in wind drift at distance.

    If you look back to the common projectile weights of 7.92x57 Mauser, the 173gr Match load for M1 .30 Cal Rifle, you do get a sense for why 150gr is really light for a .30 bore. Read the article, "What's wrong with the 30 Cal?"
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    6.5 Grendel Reloading Handbooks can be found here:

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    I stumbled upon that yesterday while looking for this

    Litz rocks and he rocks even more for giving it away! I'm looking forward to curling up in bed with the article on Epicyclic Swerve this weekend.
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    Nice.....Answers to questions, without asking. thanks Northdiver.

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    Lots of amazing breakdowns and formulas in his books... I have to take a break between chapters to let my brain cool off..

    I'm one of the luckiest guys I know in regards to my father, and his seemingly "ahead of his time" knowledge of ballistics.(for a blue collar American)

    There are pictures of us when I was under 5 years old in the late 80's next to one of the many whitetail/moose/black bear he shot with his custom R600 Mohawk In 6.5 Rem Mag. He always replaced the barrel (in Remingtons infinite wisdom they always used 18.5" barrel on thier 6.5 Mags) with a heavy profile and had the action trued. He also used a 6mm Rem AI, which was the same rifle my brother and I shot our first whitetail with.

    When we turned 14, he presented each of us with our own brand new 600 mohawks for our first rifles.. i have no idea what his handloads were but they were equivalent to factory .264 win mag ammo.

    It was around this time he built a custom 6.5-284 (before the cartridge was standardised by Norma) in a XP 100 action with a little notch cut our in the ejection port in order to extract loaded rounds. This was my first experience with a true long range rifle. People would stop by the house to watch him pop balloons at 800 yards in

    He was a Creedmoor nut before being a Creedmoor nut was cool.. and has been wildcatting the 6mm Creedmoor since the 6.5 Creedmoor was introduces.. lately he has been playing with a 22 Creedmoor which has been a blast to shoot..

    Needless to say I felt pretty honored to beat him to the 6.5 Grendel game, and since Introducing him to the cartridge a year ago he now has a Grendel 20" Vepr, his "kawasaki" 20" HB Howa mini Grendel, and his latest, an 18" AA upper for his colt lower. 2000 rounds of Grendel brass and has experimented with enough loads and powders it would even make LRRPF52

    Off-topic rant over... I just feel like a lucky guy tonight.

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