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Thread: Timney AR Trigger -- small pin -- 3 lb pull

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    Timney Competition AR Trigger -- small pin -- 3 lb pull

    I have a brand new unused Timney Competition AR trigger
    Item #667-S -- Small Pin .154 factory set for 3# pull
    I have had it for a couple years ... I bought it back in 2015 for a build I was doing and it went missing ... I came up with all kinds of theories about what happened to it including someone coming into my garage and taking it, etc. etc. ........ So I went and bought another one and installed it...
    Just a couple months ago, I was digging through a tote that I keep under my bench with paint tools (brushes, rollers, roller covers, paint pans, etc.) as my wife was going to do some painting ... I dug to the bottom of the tote looking for something that she needed and 'lo and behold', there was a familiar yellow package with plastic scrunched a little bit at the bottom of the tote ... Needless to say, I was somewhat relieved ...
    I don't have a project at present ... In fact, I am 'thinning the herd' some due to my retiring and wanting to do some traveling...
    So I am putting it up for sale on here.
    Price is $200.00 shipped ... and I would accept PP gift or PP with 3% added (That's about what it costs me to use it)
    Here (hopefully) is a picture of said trigger in the package.
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