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Thread: Pistol optic recommendations

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    Here's one that a friend of mine uses on a .30 carbine Ruger revolver. This one is very clear and rock solid. Super long eye relief. I've fired it on one occasion and, while scoped pistols aren't my thing, it was surprisingly easy to acquire the target with this particular scope.
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    So you must think about how you will actually be firing this weapon. are you going to fire from an extended arm position like a pistol or a "close to shoulder", cheek welded to arm brace/buffer position? I built my pistol with the intent that I would fire with my cheek welded to the arm brace and the brace might even occasionally, in the process of shooting, touch my shoulder. For me a standard rifle scope with adequate eye relief will suffice, some offer more than others. I have settled on a Leopold VX-1 2-7x33 LR Duplex. Will do what I need with a pistol and weighs 9.9 oz and cost less than 200 just waiting on Christmas sales. There are scout scopes out there too if your looking for long eye relief, they are not an improvement over pistol scopes really though.
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