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    Nikon Black

    Just curious if anyone on here has got one and what they thought. I know a lot of people here like vortex and I've got a vortex scope already as well as the range finder and binoculars but the nikkon black looks like a lot of scope for the money but I am no means a scope expert. Thanks!

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    Disclaimer: I'm no scope expert either.

    I have the 4-16x50 and the 6-24x50.
    Both in MOA with illuminated reticle.

    My son-in-law has a Viper PST 6-24x50 FFP gen 1.
    Soda can at 450 yards.
    Both scopes side by side on the bench.
    Difference in glass was pretty much nil.
    Most noticeable was the time required to find and get on target.
    We both agreed that the eye box of the Nikon was larger making it quicker and easier to find that can and be on it.

    I also had a Monarch 3 5-20x44.
    Just isn't in the same ballpark as the Black.
    Not nearly as much travel.
    And the standard BDC is pretty much useless w/o the Spot On app at the ready.
    MOA or MIL gives you many more options for apps and data output.

    I briefly used a M223 4-16x42 BDC 600 as well.
    Much smaller eye box than the Black, and just too close to the price of the Black to justify it.

    In an effort to show that I'm not completely biased ....
    I do have a Vortex 1-4x24 Crossfire 2 w/ V Brite on an AR47.
    No problems with it at all and it's a nice scope for the purpose.
    But I've yet to see first hand a reason to pay the additional $ that a Vortex costs over the Nikon.

    Hope this is of some help.
    I simply don't have enough experience with scopes that cost more than $150 to say a lot.

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    My father picked one up for his 22 Nosler and I was extremely impressed with it for the money. Very similar to the viper PST minus the zero stop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dl126 View Post

    Hope this is of some help.
    I simply don't have enough experience with scopes that cost more than $150 to say a lot.
    That's where I'm at pretty much. I have a diamond back 3.5-10x that I have on my .223 ar that will eventually be put on my grendel once it's done but I want something with more zoom eventually.

    Kilco that's actually the other scope I was looking at but noticed the black was a few hundred dollars cheaper.

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    Irbuff ...

    It occurred to me that I left out some pertinent information in my previous reply.

    The Black scopes that I told you that I have, are 2nd focal plane.
    What this equates to is that the 2MOA markings on the reticle are really 2MOA only on one magnification power.
    The 4-16 requires 16x to accurately use the reticle.
    The 6-24 requires the 18x setting.

    If you're set to any other magnification...
    You'll either have to use the Nikon Spot On app for reticle yardages ....
    Or you can dial the elevation turret by the appropriate amount as designated by your favorite ballistic program and use the center crosshair.

    All of this is in contrast to a 1st focal plane scope where the yardages in the reticle are independent to magnification.

    While this makes a 1FP sound more appealing, consider this ....
    Using that 6-24 Viper that I mentioned earlier, when you dial up the magnification, the reticle lines at the bottom start to disappear at the bottom as you increase mag power.
    Might seem a bit counter productive considering that the further your target, the more mag you need, and the further down the reticle you need to go.

    As with anything else in life ...
    Everything is a trade off in some form.
    You just gotta decide what works best for you.

    2nd disclaimer:
    Im still a scope newbie with more knowledge acquired by reading than by experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dl126 View Post
    2nd disclaimer: Im still a scope newbie with more knowledge acquired by reading than by experience.
    Hey, we all start somewhere, and we appreciate your willingness to take the time to put in your two cents worth. . . .
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    Exactly like BFT said! I'm 100% new to anything more then 200 yards tbh. I don't have a lot of trigger time with anything other than handguns or a 556/223 ar-15. The highest zoom I've even used is only 10x so I've never worries about the difference in first or second focal plane. All and any info is very much appreciated!

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