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Thread: please school me on suppressors

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    please school me on suppressors

    at the beginning of the year i ordered a larue surge 2.0. i have little to no knowledge of suppressors. how well do they quiet the 6.5 grendel? is there sub sonic ammo for it?? anything you can share with me will be appreciated.
    i read last night that the can that comes with it will fit on the muzzle device that came on my larue uu kit in 6.5g

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    Each suppressor has it's own individual amount of noise reduction for each caliber. The .mil/.gov test requires it be tested by the muzzle at x" height and y" from the muzzle.

    MAC did another test with the Db meter by the shooter (right ear) and was getting radically different results from the different suppressors. Some that were louder at the muzzle were quieter than others at the shooter ear, and others were not hearing safe, even though they were in the low 130s at the muzzle.

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    will the larue suppressor work well with the 6.5g?? does some ammo work better than others in 6.5g??

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    Quote Originally Posted by jonny rotton View Post
    will the larue suppressor work well with the 6.5g?? does some ammo work better than others in 6.5g??
    Yes, the LaRue suppressor works well with the SUURG. It's a flow-through design, so back-pressure on the action is kept to a minimum, so adjustable gas is not needed.

    6.5 Grendel suppresses very well in my experience. Exit pressure and case volume contribute to a very well-behaved system when suppressed for noise reduction.

    Most of the 6.5 Grendels I've personally listened to suppressed have been quieted with ThunderBeast Ultra 5 suppressors.

    As a shooter to the left of a suppressed 6.5 Grendel with TBAC Ultra 5, it was one of the quietest supersonic rifles I've ever heard.

    I have yet to hear the SUURG in person. From everything I've seen of it, I want one.

    I played with one for a while at SHOT last month, and the carbine balances really well.
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    thanks for your reply and your information. i am really looking forward to getting the suurg 2.0. it might become my favorite grendel.

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