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    I might give this a go on my Grendel. I installed an adjustable gas block that has softened the blow some. This might just be the cure for my dented cases

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    Quote Originally Posted by BjornF16 View Post
    Range report: New spring (trimmed by 1.5 coils) = proper ejection.

    The first case ejected had the body dent...reduced the gas and the cases did not have the dent (nor collapsed neck). The cases are still ejected further than I'd like but there is no damage to the spent cases (which is the main goal).

    Have not messed with extractor spring and have no intentions.
    It doesn't take much. Always a good idea to have an extra couple of springs on hand before starting any "dremel gun smithing"

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    Quote Originally Posted by bwaites View Post
    No idiocy! Two things cause it:

    1) Most commonly it is striking the deflector behind the ejection port. That's why the deflector is there. If you don't like the dented case mouths, put a piece of the loop (soft) side of velcro there and it will disappear.

    2) Cases striking the concrete. Obvious fix, don't shoot on hard surfaces.....LOL.

    There is a permanent fix, and that requires shortening the ejector spring very slightly, and there is a link to directions on how to do that on the board.

    Might the problem also be fixed if a guy were to swap out for the next-heavier weight of buffer? (I already have an M-16 bolt carrier.)

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    A heavier buffer will slow down the carrier but a strong ejector will still kick the case out with the same velocity.

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    Take a 1-1.5 coil -off, Then try different buffer wts., say h1-h2. rasp knows his velocities. We both have an awesome ejector setup. Always have an extra eject spring , or 3-- if in tweak mode. Cheap to buy.

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    I'm seeing small dents on the body of my brass. Looks like my solution is here so I'm just marking this thread for future reference.

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