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Thread: Templar Customs MCWS?!

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    Templar Customs MCWS?!

    Hey everyone, so I was doing some light reading on past threads, and noticed quite a few guys give major props to the guys over at Templar. I checked out their website, and wouldnt you know it, i fell in love!!!

    Their MCWS offers EVERYTHING i would EVER need, and honestly, is cheaper than going with three different rifles, and who shoots more than 1 rifle at a time anyways?! lol.

    SO, my question, is this. WOuld you guys say its worth it?! I have an enquiry with the guys over at templar on if the Grendel barrel would be swapable to a 18" version, as i want the little bit of extra length for hunting, and Bil has said his favorite length for hunting is the 18"..

    If i get a quote and its reasonable, i am seriously thinking about selling the BCM setup I build and Using the money to finance this.

    Please advice!


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    Bob at Templar will cut you a barrel to the length you want. The last batch of barrels he had for the Grendel were Bartlein cut-rifled pipes with a progressive twist. The Templar lowers are nice in that they have a funneled mag well, a captivated takedown pin spring channel, are from 7075 T6 Aluminum, and have a good hard coat anodizing.

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    I've heard good things about their stuff, alot of times easier just to call them and talk to them about what you want and what you expect

    I agree on three different rifles, lol, however I own quite a few, more a fun thing than a practical thing, but I like experimenting on what works and what doesn't work...

    good luck on it James

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    Bob will do you right. The multi caliber system is awesome. I've seen him do a barrel change in under two minutes. That was Beowulf to Grendel, so he didn't have to change bolts. It takes a little longer to swap the bolt for 223, but if you get a whole 223 bolt carrier group, even that only takes a few seconds.

    What's neat about it is that you preserve your investment in scope, sights, rail, charging handle, and bipod. You can just get a good list of scope settings for each caliber and you are set.

    Bob showed me his rail system when he was working on it. I couldn't quite figure out how it worked for awhile because you tighten down on one screw to loosen the rail.

    The trick is in the custom barrel nut. It is about twice as long as the normal nut. The rail fits inside of it and expands out to grip from inside and clamps on the outside.

    He has it rigged where it always lines up and is strong enough that he could stand on the rail with the rifle in a vise and it didn't move.


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    yeah, I honestly Want this more than anything. Looks like it owuld be a pretty good all around kit.

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    There's a screw that helps separate the clamping portion of the rail, so it will easily slip off the barrel nut. The two other screws pinch the rail onto the nut. The barrel nut uses a CAR stock castle nut wrench.

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