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    The thing about chain or any hard metal hangar is that they are quite durable, but in the event that they do get whacked and your target goes down, it puts a damper in your long-range shooting time to service the target. The neoprene/rubber hangars are the way to go in my opinion. My .260 Rem still has 1000ft-lbs of energy at 800yds, so imagine clipping a steel chain with that kind of force.

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    youre probably right LR, Ive just had good luck with mine. It would seem that anything of neoprene or rubber would be better, and you have no what ifs. You hit it, just keep on shootin!

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    Old fire hose is tough as hell and if u can get ahold of some can make several strips and u can easily change out a strip if it does eventually give way

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    Without pics of exactly what you guys are talking about I'm not exactly sure what you mean, but for my big IPSC sized steel plate (AR500 and thanks to the forum guy who made it for me-- can't remember his name) I put grade 8 bolts through the holes and mounted super heavy duty chain to the bolts behind the steel so the only thing that could get hit is the head of a very large bolt or the really heavy chain. Never any trouble so far. I'll try to take a pic when I'm home. I've hit the chains at 600 before, and a Grendel round doesn't even phase them one bit. Heavy bast#%d to set up though.

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    We have dozens of hanging steel hung with drive belt or conveyor belt from cotton gins. I always fold the end up to where it sticks about 3" above the target in front of the support part of the belt & use it for a "splash" guard. The belt will absorb many, many bullets through it but if you hit the top edge of the steel target & frag the bullet, it will act very much like a saw & cut through the belting. The extra loose end sticking up gets cut but protects the main support part of the belt. When it eventually is cut, I either shorten the belt & stick it up for a guard or add a small piece & just let it stick up, again giving a splash guard. I put a slug through one of the belts one day & the hole was only about the size of a 40 s&w bullet. Chain will only take one solid hit before it gives up most times.


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    Go by your local fire department and ask if they have any old fire hose. Its stiff and will swing. Easy to replace and cheap if for free. If you can mount it so the steel angles down, most of the splater will go towards the ground and not towards your hanger, it will last longer!

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    Thanks a ton for all the tips everyone.

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    Maybe you could find an old rubber mudflap off a semi truck. That would probably work well also. Good luck cutting it though!

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    my home made steel target

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    Very cool, Deezil!

    Question: You've probably seen frames for various things made with that white plastic PVC plumbing pipe? Would that work with your gong and chain setup?


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