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    My Grendel/LBC build for hunting/TS

    New to the board and I'm looking forward to learning a lot. I'll start off by saying that this build is going to be mostly dedicated towards hunting (Occasional competitive shooting) and I stalk on the ground a lot when I hunt, so I wanted a fairly light weight rifle. I was originally moving towards the 6.8spc but I started leaning towards the grendel's ballistics over the 6.8's variety of factory ammo choices. This build will end up going suppressed later on this year so keep that in mind as well.

    Current specs on my lower build:
    -Mega machine Gator forged lower
    -PSA LPK w/ Gissele SSA-E trigger
    -RRA Operator fixed A2 stock
    -Hogue grip
    -Magpul trigger guard

    I ordered a AR Performance .264LBC 18" SS bead blasted barrel with 5/8x24 threads and a matching ARP bolt last Friday.

    For my upper build I'm planning on going with:
    -Mega Machine forged upper assembly
    -Noveske Switchblock gas block
    -Samson Evolution 9 EX rail
    -Mega charging handle
    -Nickel Boron bolt carrier http://www.joeboboutfitters.com/Kies...p/kies-kcn.htm
    -Three 45* rail sections mounted to top rail two for BUIS third for a Burris Fastfire(or similar)
    -Undecided on scope still, possibly a Vortex Viper PST

    Feel free to comment with suggestions, concerns, or personal experiences with either of the parts I listed
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    Since you're going to be walking and hunting, I think you made a great choice on barrel length. The extra 45 offset rails with gadets will start to get silly for bulk and weight for a hunting stick, and I think you'll be fine with just a good variable power optic. The Vortex Viper PST in either 1-4x or 2.5-10x44 would be good choices, but the 2.5-10x44 will be better for target work, with the ability to dial down to 2.5x for close-in hunting shots if necessary.

    Which Switchblock are you getting? They have various models meant for different gas system and barrel length configurations in 5.56 NATO, accomodating the different gas port sizes and average port pressures of all those different configurations.

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    I'm not sure which switchblock to go with. That was actually one of the reason I joined the site. As far as the rails go I'll also be using it for 3 gun competitions time to time

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    Ok, the offset rails will make sense for 3-gun. Order up a bunch of that 120gr PPU (Wolf marketed) MPT ammo for $12.95/box from Aimsurplus for your 3-gun ammo. You might also consider a 1-6x power variable optic, like the GRSC 1-6x or the Swarovski Z6i 1-6x. Those will be great for both 3-gun and hunting, with target work out to 600yds+, depending on your eyesight and lighting conditions/ability to hold on-target.

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    Got my barrel and bolt in today

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    Nice looking barrel, be sure to post a range report.

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    I'll be ordering my upper and bolt carrier Friday

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    Well Mega finally started shipping their uppers and I was finally able to place an order from Rainier tonight! I can't wait to get this build done and send the first rounds down range!

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    Got a little something in the mail today.
    Here's a little tease

    All I have left to do before I can shoot it is get:
    -Nickel Boron bolt carrier
    -regular barrel nut and Samson Evolution 9ex handguard
    - gas block and mid-length gas tube (till I do a little more research on the Noveske Switchblock and 6.5G pressures & gas port hole sizes)
    -S.A.S. QD .30 cal muzzle brake

    I'm just a stones throw away from getting this project done

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    Looks Great dude!

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