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Thread: The Steiner Predator Xtreme Riflescopes Have Arrived

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    The Steiner Predator Xtreme Riflescopes Have Arrived

    The Steiner Predator Xtreme Riflescopes Have Arrived

    We have received a shipment of the Steiner Predator Xtreme Riflescopes.....

    #5001 Steiner Predator Xtreme 2.5-10x42 with S-1 Reticle @ $799.99
    This versatile scope is great for eastern whitetail or western mule deer. Rugged 30mm tube, generous field-of-view, .25 MOA adjustment and lightweight design make this a good match for any hunting rifle.

    #5002 Steiner Predator Xtreme 3-12x56 with S-1 Reticle @ $899.99With its larger 56mm objective, youll spot game under any lighting condition. Like all Predator scopes it has interchangeable windage/elevation dials that re-set to 0, 30mm tubes, larger turret knobs and power ring with deep knurling

    #5003 Steiner Predator Xtreme 4-16x50 with S-1 Reticle @ $999.99
    The higher magnification range lets you target anything from varmints to big game. This scope also features side parallax adjustment, a generous 4 of eye relief and a fully waterproof, fog-proof construction.

    S-1 Reticle

    Steiner Description:
    Your senses tingle with the sound of distant movement, but all you see are trees and brush. Until you look through your Steiner Predator Xtreme scope. You scan in the direction your instincts tell you to look, and there!

    Steiner's new Predator Xtreme optimizes your eyes for the highest levels of contrast and definition between your prey and its surroundings. Using Steiner's unique CAT (Color Adjusted Transission) technology, deer and other game pop out of background folioge and shade.

    C.A.T (Color Adjusted Transmission) Game Sensing lens coatings
    High grade optical glass
    Index-matched, multi-chemical, multi-coating
    S-1 Ballistic Plex Reticle
    Second Reticle Plane
    1/4 MOA Adjustment Click Value
    Reset to Zero, interchange dial Adjustment System
    Advanced windage and elevation adjustments
    Double internal spring tension system
    3.5" - 4.0 Eye Relief
    Nitrogen filled, Waterproof & Fog-proof with turret caps off
    -22 F - +140 F Operating Temperature Range
    Precision gauged and hand fitted internal assemblies
    Zero tolerance interface between zoom lenses and guide tube and zoom tube
    Solid, Stress-Free One-Piece Outer Tube
    Precision gauged and hand-fitted internal assemblies

    Personally I think Steiner hit a home run with this scope. If we can answer any questions for you please let us know.

    BTW, we also stock the #5416 Steiner Military/Tactical 4-16x50mm with G2 Mil-Dot Reticle @ $2295.99

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    Nice looking scope. How much vertical adjustment does the 3-12 & 4-16 have?

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    I spent a lot of time looking over the Steiner Rifle Optics at SHOT this year, and was quite impressed, especially with their glass, features, & overall fit and feel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by txgunner00 View Post
    Nice looking scope. How much vertical adjustment does the 3-12 & 4-16 have?

    3x-12x = 30 MOA or 30 inches @ 100 yards in both directions

    4x-16x = 30 MOA up and down or 60 total travel and 20 MOA Left and Right or 40 total travel.

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    Hey, LRRPF52, have you had the chance to look through any of the Horus Vision Scopes?

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    Yes, I've used their reticles in competition, but I really only like them in a spotter out of the center of the field of view. I personally wouldn't want one in a rifle scope, as so much of the FOV gets obstructed and it's faster to dial for me than try to find my way along the christmas tree for my drop and drift point at distance, especially when you go for a correction.

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    How was the quality of the glass?

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    i have steiner binos and i love them. several of my friends now own steiner bino. so im sure the scopes are good. i have not seen there scopes yet.

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    We need another thread to discuss Horus Vision optics, reticles, etc. Don't wanna crap all over this thread.

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