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Thread: ? For anyone with a Leupold mark 4 with a 30 mm tube...

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    ? For anyone with a Leupold mark 4 with a 30 mm tube...

    For the AR platform which height rings worked for you best?

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    Outsider, it may depend as much on the shape of your face as anything else.

    I have found for me, that if I use an ultra high ring I get the best results.

    If you have a buttstock that is adjustable, like a PRS, it may not matter as much as you can adjust the buttstock to match the rings if the rings are too high.

    My problem is my cheekbones are big enough that I would need a buttstock that goes lower if I had low rings, so for me I just use a non-adjustable buttstock and higher rings.

    The best and lightest rings I have found are the Badger Ordnance P/N 306-18 MAX-Alloy (5.1 oz.) MSRP: $168.

    Here's a link:

    In fact I have a set I have to get listed here for sale one of these days when I can get a picture of them.

    You may have to try several and see which ones work best for you.

    Good luck.


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    You're gonna want the centerline of the scope to be ~1.5" above the rail (+ or - 0.1"), and the rings or base connected only to the upper receiver. Most AR-style cantilever mounts will address both of these aspects. If you have a true monolithic upper, where as the receiver and handguard are one piece, you have a little more flexibility with mount and ring positioning.

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    1.5" height above the receiver is standard, +/- depends on your physical build. LaRue is a very good mount. The LT158 works for me.

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    My problem is that most shops in my area do not carry a good quality lineup of AR mounts...i want a 2 peice Mark 4 unit...not a one peice....just a personal thing. I am almost gonna have to order one and hope it works.

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    On my Grendel, I went with the OBR mount from LaRue - expensive yes, but unbelievable consistency when remounting the scope. But I also have the flexibility of a Magpul PRS for fit.

    I do have a set of the Badger's that were mentioned in the thread as well on a Bolt Gun. Good product and rock solid.

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    Leupold makes a Mark 4 ring, don't they? Call them and ask.

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    I need a slightly lower than standard to get a good cheek weld and a correct sight picture. The only 1 piece mount I have found that works for me is the one made by Armalite, and they are relatively inexpensive.

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    I went with the Larue Tac QD LT104 30mm... I am really never going to push my shooting much over 500 yds so I really don't need the 10 mil down slope on it. And with the mark 4 scope I have... I gots plenty of elevation to play with.

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