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Thread: Rules for the Unruly

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    Rules for the Unruly

    1. Management reserves the right to edit, delete, or lock posts and threads, and to ban miscreants to Iceland, all at any time and for any reason. Having said that, we bend over backwards to be fair and reasonable and to allow honest, vigorous debate and to let you say your peace, but note that First Amendment restrictions apply to the government, and not to our private enterprise here.

    2. In this spirit, we ask members to refrain from posting items that contain inaccurate or grossly misleading statements. Those statements might pertain to other members, manufacturers, reloading practices, measurements or any other item which might harm the reputation of people or hardware. They might also include statements which advocate unsafe or unrecognized practices.

    3. Keep all your comments Rated PG. We welcome all blood-stained barbarians, of course, but also those of a tender age, having just gotten their Firearms Safety certificates, as well as members of the fairer sex, so let's just keep it clean and respectful.

    4. This forum will, ultimately, be of the greatest value to the greatest number of people if we keep it on mission, that is, as the premier source of 6.5 Grendel information and inspiration on the Web. Thus, we have NOT provided a general discussion area for ranting and raving about issues in the wider world.

    Further, posts on off-topic, controversial subjects such as Religion & Politics, and Sex, Drugs, & Rock 'n' Roll, that would only provoke our darker barbarian instincts and would only serve to leave us with gouged eyes and bitten ears, rather than uniting us against the Enemy of all that is Goode and Holy regarding the Second Amendment, are forbidden and will be edited or deleted at our discretion.
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