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Thread: Triton Arms 6.5 Grendel barrel for Savage bolt action

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    Triton Arms 6.5 Grendel barrel for Savage bolt action

    Forgive me if this is old news, but noticed that Triton Arms offers a 6.5 Grendel barrel for Savage bolt action rifles:

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    New to me. Thanks for the info. I don't know if I'd ever build a bolt Grendel, but it's good to know I have the option.

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    What savage action would be compatible for the Grendel?

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    Quote Originally Posted by steel89 View Post
    What savage action would be compatible for the Grendel?
    Any small shank, short action... all you would have to do is swap out the bolt head to a Grendel (PPC) bolt head.

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    Howdy Fellas. Savage jas just introduced a 7.62x39 scout rifle this year, and it is REALLY awesome. I'm not the biggest fan of the Savage action, but let's face it-they make some dang nice stuff and they are the easiest of all bolt rifles for the home gun plumber to tinker with. I've got my protoype made and playing with currently. I'm working with ideas for several variants of contours length etc, but if anyone get's interested I can whittle something out totally different, it's just nice to have a base profile saved on disk for reference.
    Just so everyone is clear- the current website DOES suck, it is our first attempt and it was basically giving people a look at our gasblocks, new software for web design has been purchased, new photo shoots for high quality pics are being scheduled, and we are licensed by Alexander Arms to chamber barrels for people, we also offer a slew of other chamberings as well.
    With the Savage/Grendel combo, a bit of tinkering with mag feed lips may be necessary and a little bit of MINOR tuning on the extractor MIGHT be necessary but so far it's blast!

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    Sounds pretty good, in a Savage I would opt for a .260rem but I can understand why someone would want one in Grendel, commonality of ammo, performance in such a small package, burns less powder, brass being cheaper.

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    Warped, it is all about the choices. My MOST favorite 6.5 cartridge is the Swede, my very first centerfire rifle- All numbers matching except for the cleaning rod, M-96 in excelent condition.
    .260 is great too, a modern version of the Swede for launching lighter bullets. A companion rifle is a must for some people, especially those that want performance and a limited number of guns as opposed to me who wants ALL of the, Grendel does it's job in AR or Bolt.

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    I have built a grendel from a old ruger 77mk2 7.62x 39, used a 1-8 twist pac nor barrel 22inch, ruger profile, in a boyds laminated stock.
    it feeds from the magazine perfectly, using lapua brass & 100 grain sierras with benchmark powder it groups 5 shots under 1moa.
    About to cerakote it in graphite black

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