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Thanks for the response. I was able to get a good close up look on the upper and it looks very stout. Yes the SCAR, Tavor, and I think the new Beretta has cutouts on bothsides. Good point. I think the front your receiver is substantial and even aroundt he cutout is appears to be really heavy duty upon closer inspection. My concern was unwarranted I see now that I got a better view of it.

I also like the way you didn't mill the old charging handle location and just put an insert in there like I've seen before. Very nice looking receiver, wish I could get one right now.
Hey thanks for the response and as for me worked for the MOD in armament research and development and used to own a 172 and how that thing carried all the weight and flew like it did as light as it was, was beyond me and there's another topic we dont want to get into. As for the upper its very strong and keep looking for new uppers in other models coming soon.