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    slightly off topic, but has anyone seen any videos similar to this but for "home defense." I would love to see a video of how various calibers and various projectiles deal with 2 layers of drywall with a 3.5 inch airgap between them. Everyone is always concerned about overpenetrating interior walls of a home. I'd really like to see something like that.
    .22lr will punch straight through that. I've done it in old abandon houses in the middle of no where in NW kansas (On private land, with the land owner, he didn't care etc...).

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    .22LR, shotgun pellets, hollow points, FMJ's, or pretty much any piece of metal going over 800 fps will sail through dry wall, insulation, wiring, joists, framework, windows and the thin, weak surrounding of your home. It makes shot placement that much more important when in an urbanized area with your neighbors asleep next door, or their kids playing nearby. I've shot stacked phone books in a house a few times with .380 Ranger SXT's & .40 S&W's for a side-by-side comparison, and they eventually cut through the books, went through furniture, and through one layer of dry wall, but didn't exit the real brick exterior.

    When it comes to high-power rifle cartridges, where you're most likely looking at velocities well over 2000 fps, you're going to have a lot of through-&-through with typical construction mediums, especially with bullets that have more mass. There is a dual duty to protect your life, your family's, and your neighbors' lives by making very true shot placement.

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